Shery Vogt-Lamancusa

Rules to understand me..

I know I am not everyone's idea of a massage therapist.. I don't claim to be "perfect" but I do love to have fun with you while your on my table. So if you are a Newbie... after I greet you and you fill out your intake form YOU will most likely be asked by me...

Are you READY TO PLAY?!!!

I became a massage therapist some time ago because I had this fantastic friend who bravely fought cancer for several years and she loved having her feet rubbed. At that point I had no idea what I was doing, I only knew it felt RIGHT.. it gave me a feeling of connection with her and I saw how it gave her the ability to relax and fall asleep.

But let's fast forward to NOW!

I love being a Massage Therapist! I look at the body as a playground.. some of you are like rollercoasters with all the hills to climb up and slopes to race down and others like a teeter totter with all of the ups and downs of your body. I have a broad range of skills from Ashitasu (I walk on you) to Oncology massage and Energy work..I am not afraid of starting a massage with one idea and shifting to another simply to find a better way of making the person on my table feel better. I sometimes use Hot stones or Cupping to aid in releasing the fascia thus being able to do a deeper and better massage. I can also do Lymphatic work to assit in the movement of lymph that is trapped in an area of the body due to surgery or radiation to the body.

I am a HUGGER! 

If you and I click and you decide to dedicate yourself to your journey of wellness I Will HUG You either when you come in or when you leave and for some special people I hug when you come in and when you leave.. Hence the tagline HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR MASSAGE THERAPIST TODAY? 

I appreciate honest feedback! Which is why I ask for it. Every massage is different and getting feedback of what worked and what didn't work helps me help you..

Lastly to Rules to Understand me... The massage experience is all about YOU, I am merely the hands that aid in the process of healing. If you feel that something needs to be harder or lighter by all means LET ME KNOW. I want you to have a good experience and want to come back to see me!

Thank You for looking at all of my website and reading about me! I sincerely hope this gives you a glimpse of who I am!

Many HUGS,


  • ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals)
  • S4OM (Society for Oncology Massage)
  • NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy
  • NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)
  • S4OM Outreach Committee (educating the medical community on oncology massage)
  • Co instructing Massage for People Living with Cancer with Gayle MacDonald, Nov  2012 and  Nov 2013.

  • 750 hours in basic massage therapy school graduated with honors from Medical Arts in 2008.
  • 750 hours in basic massage therapy school graduated with honors from SHI medical massage in 2007.
  • 150 hours in oncology massage with certifications to practice within an infusion center and hospital setting.
  • Oncology Massage Intensive: An Eastern Medical Perspective.
Continuing Education: 
  • Breast Cancer scar and immobilization class in May 2013
  • Peregrine Institute for 300 hours to begin in September 2013

Have You...


your massage therapist today?

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